Friday, March 09, 2007

Who are Liz Hurley & Arun Nayer?

ये लिज हर्ले और अरुण नायर कौन हैं ?

I really don't know and that's why I am asking this question ;-) By the way, here is what says about Liz Hurley -

All through the 1990s, Elizabeth Hurley was the most famous Hurley in the universe, for going out with that stuttering fop from Four Weddings And A Funeral and only wearing clothes made from 3mm of fabric and a safety pin..........So, in summation, Elizabeth Hurley - a bad actress who hasn't really been famous for a while - is marrying a man who's primarily well-known for going out with Elizabeth Hurley. And now, with your lives enriched, you can continue with your lives.

And here is something about Arun Nayer.
Here are the two questions that I have for my readers -
1. What is the name of their PR agency? No doubt this is the best agency in the world.
2. Do you know who are they?

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  1. Wow! thanks,now i feel so knowledgeable! Anyway, supposedly they r happy , let them have a great time.