Thursday, July 03, 2008

Actress Shilpa Shetty in Love with...

hot & sexy shilpa shettyThese days Shilpa Shetty is taking lessons in playing violin. Her role in Sunny Deol's The Man demands that the actress get well versed with the art of playing the instrument.

A source revealed, "Shilpa's character in The Man is of an actress. She is playing herself in the film. But her character also has an interesting side to her. She is a violin expert just like pop sensation Vanessa Mae. Her violin playing portions in the film have been styled like a Vanessa Mae video. The film shows her as famous public figure with massive fan following. Shilpa wanted to lend authenticity to her character and decided to learn to play the violin."

Shilpa has been taking her violin classes very attentively just like a student preparing for an exam. "Shilpa has been very sincere student, says the impressed violin teacher. Sunny Deol too was impressed with Shilpa's professionalism and hard work, when he came to know that she was actually taking lessons to play the violin just to be in sync with her character." revealed a khabri.

Shilpa of course is very excited and when asked about her new love," I have to play the violin in The Man. And to make it look real, I'm taking actual lessons. Trust me; it's a very difficult job. I'm having a tough time. My instructor tells me that it's the most difficult instrument to play and he's quite right! "Says the vivacious actress.

Shilpa darling… we are waiting for The Man to release to see you play violin……..hurry up!!!!

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