Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan Gets Nostalgic

Vidya Balan recalls her childhood memories and tells us how she was as a kid. Check it out.

Vidya balan recalls, “I was a very lazy child. I was very fat and used to have a lot of trouble walking. Whenever my mother asked me to go out and play, I used to make excuses like stomach ache or something. Whenever it was my turn to give the den while playing Hide and Seek, I would give well prepared 'stomach ache' reason. I used to love eating food.”

She tells, “I liked watching movies on television too. When it came to studies, I was an above average student and used to get very good marks in some subjects which I liked. But I didn’t like History at all and was weak in it. When I didn’t like a subject, I never used to concentrate on it. But I liked English, Hindi and Algebra in which I scored well.”

Bollywood actress says, “I was very politically correct even as a kid. Whenever I did a mistake, I used to apologize for it. My sister who did not accept her mistake was scolded more by mother. Dad never raised a hand on us. My upbringing has been such that my parents have always told me not to hide anything. They have taught me to accept any mistakes that I’ve committed. He says that not accepting one's mistakes can cause problems.”

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