Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gracy Singh in "Gandhi Se Pehle Gandhi"

bollywood actress Gracy SinghRemember the simple girl who played Aamir's love interest in Lagaan? Or the vivacious doctor who had Munna drooling all over her in Munnabhai MBBS? It's the 'girl next door' beautiful Gracy we are talking about. Gracy Singh still continues to be the simple girl that she used to be, away from the media glare. The girl sure seems to be enjoying her earthy roles and is now all set to play the role of a tribal girl!

This is for her next film, directed by Iqbal Durrani 'Gandhi Se Pehle Gandhi', which is based on a novel. Gracy says about her role, "I'm very happy that I'm doing this film. It's a very nice and challenging script and role. Unfortunately that's all I can say right now because I have signed a contract and can't talk about the film." Well, anyway Gracy has always let her work do the talking so we want to hear about you soon… Gracy darling!!!

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