Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rani Mukherjee : Nowhere in the race now

hot & sexy bollywood actress Rani MukherjeeOnce a queen of hits in Bollywood , but these days wondering for a single hit. She always believed that her onscreen chemistry with Saif would bring good fortune for her but this time this chemistry didn’t do any magic for her. Certainly there was a time when Rani was number one in the Bollywood race but now she is not even in the list. May be she was affected by the fact of not marrying to Abhishek or she was too busy with tying the knot with Aaditya.

But there is quite a bit of work for Rani in Yash Raj banner. This film is based on cricket. So Rani besides playing matches with Aaditya Chopra, we suggest you to do some good banner movies so that you can win back your place in Bollywood because we still want to see you in some power packed roles.

Rani dear, we want your ambience to come back.

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