Monday, July 07, 2008

Sushmita Sen getting bulky

hot & sexy bollywood actress Sushmita SenSushmita Sen has recently gained lot of weight which has been noticed by many people.

But Sush doesn't seem to care what people think or have to say about her, "I don't know how to react to half of the things people say," says the gorgeous actress carelessly, when asked about her weight gain.

"I'm very comfortable in my own skin. Fat, thin, beautiful or ugly – I'm happy being who I am. And what my weight is or how big I look is not anyone's business, only mine, and I'm just too happy with it!" says Sushmita in a blow.

These days, when most of the actress are heading towards size zero figure, Sushmita Sen seems to be setting a new and opposite trend altogether. Keep it up Sush.

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  1. any pictures you can post ? i saw her in the pantene ad and i could not believe my eyes, she's definitly gained a lot of weight.