Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why Priyanka Chopra didn’t kiss Harman Baweja?

hot & sexy bollywood actress Priyanka ChpraAs far as rules are concerned, Piranha Chopra makes no exceptions, even if it is her boyfriend Harman Baweja. The beautiful and bubbly actress refused to kiss the newcomer in Love Story 2050 though a kiss was part of the original script narrated to her at the time of signing the movie.

'It does not matter who the co-star is. I won't do certain things on screen.' says the ravishing actress in a blow.

While Harman says "I was supposed to kiss her as she dies in my arms. But Priyanka chose not to shoot the kiss. We respect her decision and let it be."

But why was Piggy Chops reluctant, despite the fact that her co-star was boyfriend Harman Baweja???

Our khabaru says- if she would have made the concession the other producers may have accused her of preferential treatment… what say Piranha darling???

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