Friday, August 08, 2008

Aamir:The Leader

This short height hero is doing big things. He has always proved his talent from Qayamat se Qayamat tak till Taare Jameen Par. This chocolaty hero, who was so cute among girls, is very handsome among the crowd now. He loves doing experiments which makes him different from other heroes. He don’t like to be in the rat race, he has always presented something different to the audience to relish. From his looks to acting, all very exciting. He is the Mr. Perfectionist in real sense.
Now when he has also succeeded in producing his nephews movies ‘Jane Tu Jaane Na’, what we can expect more from this amazing hero. Imran’s first hit placed him among the new race of chocolaty heroes in Bollywood. So we hope and wish that he will also be able to make successful path for him in Bollywood like his uncle Aamir and may not spoil his image like Vivek, Tushar, and Fardeen.
Aamir means the leader, and through his work and abilities he has proved himself as the real leader.
Aamir we are eagerly waiting for your new movie Gajni as the hair style has already started revolution among youngsters.
So Aamir, always be Aamir.

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