Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bipasha's New Canvas

Bipasha Basu has signed her first ever art house movie called ‘Pankh’, in which she will play a Bollywood actress whom a guy who is the mixed-up protagonist adores. The Director Sudipto Chattopadhyay has cast a newcomer Maraddona in the role of the androgynous boy. Her director is very keen to use her name Bipasha for his film’s character but according to Bipasha she is not at all comfortable with her name being used for any character.
The film is about gender confusion in the life of a child actor. He is a boy but plays a female child artiste and is very popular. Then he grows up and wants to be launched as a hero but there is a kind of confusion in his mind. Bips said that her role in the film is quite crazy and many would say why she has done it but she is really excited for Pankh because it’s her first so called art film.
So watch out for this dusky and doe-eyed glamour girl in Pankh.

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