Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Deepika Padukone vs Bipasha Basu

These days Shanty of ‘Om Shanti Om’ is facing a lot of Ashanti, her heart is burning with anger not because of anybody else but because of her loving boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. As usual the reason behind this girl’s anger is another girl.
Actually during the promotion of their film ‘Bachnaa ae Haseeno’ amid the presence of whole starcast Ranbir declared Bipasha Basu as the hottest actress in Bollywood. When Deepika was trying to overcome this inferiority complex, her boyfriend next step adds to her agony. During a reality show, where all the stars of BAH were present to promote the film, Deepika wanted to enter with Ranbir but her boyfriend walked down with Bips.

Thankfully in a press conference Bipasha cleared all the dark clouds,
but never know, Deepika keep track on your boyfriend.

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