Saturday, August 16, 2008

Desi-Indian Blogs & Bloggers Forum

In India, there are blogger and blog communities by language. For example, you can find Hindi Bloggers community and Marathi bloggers community. But there is no single place where you can find a place where all Indian bloggers can come together and exchange ideas. Not having such a community seems pretty strange to me.

After seeing this void, I have created a platform for Indian bloggers where they can share views, exchange ideas and discuss issues. If you are a blogger from India, you are welcome to join this community.

You can join the community by filling your email address below -
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You can also visit the home page of the Indian blogger community here.


  1. This will be really good. I completely agree with you. A nice forum would be really useful. does not have it as yet even though they are really good at providing so much information and blogs.

  2. Great Opportunities for Delhi Bloggers:

    Delhi Bloggers Meet
    Scheduled for 06/09/2008 at 17:00
    City: Delhi

    It's happening! Bloggers all over India(and of the Delhi NCR) are cordially invited to the Delhi Blogger Meet, on September 6, 2008.
    You may call the IndiBlogger team at +91-44-45018949 for more information.

    A huge thanks from the IndiBlogger team to the IBNMS, also known as the Delhi Bloggers for all their support.