Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Going For Sameera

Though Sameera Reddy has not done much in her filmy career and never was she in the list of top Bollywood heroines, you will be shocked to know she has a huge fan following, and if you think that you are the one among few Sameera’s fans then let me tell you, you are off beam, that's fine even sameera was also unaware of this fact.
Recently she went to see a movie in a cinema hall in Jodhpur, but when ordiance came to know that Sameeraji was in the midst, phir kya tha? The crowd madly ran towards her for photos and Autographs, and sameera was thrilled, but babes, you should be happy that you have such a huge fan following.She is also planning to settle in Jodhpur.
Not a bad idea Sam, living amid fans is always adventurous.

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