Monday, August 18, 2008

Jade: From Brother to Boss

Shipa’s entry in small screen is quite a hot news these days. This would be the first time Shipa is the host of any television show and why not after winning Big Brother who else could be the best anchor for a show like Big Boss. To host this show she is gettting a huge fee.
After all those happenings in Big Boss season one and Big Brother, viewers are really keen to watch the show. The most interesting thing is that this is the first time when an international celebrity is going to participate in Big Boss and that’s also none other than Shilpa’s enemy Jade Guddy. Jade wants to clear that she is not a racist and also she is here with a motive to change the misperception about her among Indians.
Shipa taught her about Indian ‘Jaadu Ki Jhappi’ that she can use inside Big Boss house. She entered the house with a big smile on her face but how long the babe would be able to keep that smile god only knows.
So let’s wait and watch for the real drama.

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