Sunday, August 10, 2008

Manoj Bajpai's Blog

Manoj Bajpai, the versatile actor of the Bollywood, has announced his blog today. He is writing his blog in both English and Hindi languages. The URL for both the blogs are as follows

In his maiden blog posts, he shares some interesting experience especially the controversy surrounding the name of his spelling. He says on his blog that -
"Another friend of mine who actually helped me in creating the blog, when told me that it has been named Manoj Bajpai, it kind of made me upset. The reason for this was that they didn't use my original and official name which is Manoj Bajpayee and not Manoj Bajpai. Bollywood journalist didn't also write my spelling right and when I tried to correct it, I was called a numerology fanatic..!!!"

Another place, he writes about his recent efforts to catch up with the latest technological trends. He says - "Recently, when I was shooting for Acid Factory, Fardeen and a fellow friend Jeetu taught me to download music. These days I listen to music, not on my tape recorder, but on my PC."

Interstingly, I also found Manoj's Orkut id on this blog. It seems that Manoj is all set to connect!!!

Please check out his blog and connect with him at -

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