Monday, August 18, 2008

Rajiv- Next Big star

Rajiv Khandelwal a famous name in small screen wanted to step on the big screen with his debut film AAMIR, though the film was not a hit but the script was very strong.
Anurag, the director of the film believes that Rajiv is the only telly star with a potential of becoming a superstar of silver screen, as his popularity is no less than any Khans. AAMIR is a suspense thriller which deals with terrorism. The film carries a very strong and bold statement about the dark and bitter truth of terrorism. Critics liked the film and gave it a 3 and half star, but still this film was not a sensation for box-office. May be because crowd always prefer and take him as a arrogant romantic

Personally I liked the way he portrayed the character in the film, which is very talented in his part. You are already the king of millions of hearts. So do as you did and as you want because the talent will always win for you.

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