Friday, August 01, 2008

shahid kapoor- who's next

Jab Saif and Kareena met Shahid’s Kismet Konnection with Kareena disconnected. Rumors were also in the air that Shahid’s off-screen chemistry was much colorful than his on screen chemistry with Vidya but Shahid refused the news and said that he and Vidya are just so… called good friends. Well Shahid we know that you just don’t want to flaunt your love for Vidya as we all know about this soft corner in your heart.

But Sania was lucky to be the person giving emotional support to Shahid in his tough days after break up. Though Sania had lost her matches in Wimbledon, but it seems she is quite lucky with her match with Vidya, Recently Sania had spent many hours with Shahid in Mumbai where he is shooting for his next film. But the fact is Sania’s parents are not even denying or accepting it. They don’t want to utter a single word on this issue.

Well Shahid’s chocolaty and spicy image is just enough to weave ladies on their toes. Indeed it’s a good journey for this chocolaty boy, from Amrita Rao to Sania Mirja. But the ball doesn’t seems to stop rolling. So, girls may be its your kismet next to connect with Shahid.

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