Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tushar's Dinner

We always saw that Tushar Kapoor, not always accepted on the box-office, the same will happen to his credit card we never thought , what an embarrassment !!This happened when Tushar went to a Juhu’s ‘Suraj aur Rati Hotel on Sunday eve, he went there with his good friend Sunita Menon, the famous tarot reader.When he tried to pay his bill by his credit card it was rejected, to add to his woes. He wasn’t carrying enough cash.Thank god Sunita was having the cash or it had been the dinner they would have always remember.
What a pitty situation, the bhai of lokhandwala and the Bhai of Ekta don’t have enough money to save his embarrassment. Thushar we know you don’t have enough films in your wallet and that is screwing your finances but keep some money to save your image next time.

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