Saturday, September 06, 2008

Puttar or Potter

The people who says “naam me kya rakha hai” we tell you “naam me bahut kuch rakha hai”. The Hollywood studio which owns the right to the boy wizard movie has taken the Indian producers to the court and that’s just because the film’s title. Since the name Hari Puttar is too similar to “Harry Potter” Warner bros is taking legal action against the producer of the movie.
Hari Puttar- a comedy of terrors has become terror for its makers. It is a story of a ten year old boy who moves to Britain with his family. The boy fights two criminals who are trying to steal a secret formula devised by his scientist father. Warner bros threatened to sue the makers of “Hari Puttar”. But producer Munish Purii has defended the movie saying that the movie has nothing common with ‘Harry Potter”. Munish said Hari is a common Indian name and puttar is a punjabi word which means son. The problem is just because of the accent.
In the hearing Judge Reva Khetrapal saw the trailers and remarked that “this looks quite similar to Home alone” and now next hearing is on Monday. The film slated to release on 12th September.

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