Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shipa's Slap Story

Sizzling diva Shilpa Shetty is known to be a quiet person but finally she has proved it wrong and has slapped a fellow actor. She has done this with full concern and not by any mistake or any misunderstanding. Don’t be in the dilemma guys this was actually for a scene in her forthcoming film “The Man”.
In one of the shots she had to slap her fellow actor Sudhanshu Pandey but the actor says she has never slapped any of her co-stars onscreen and that’s why she was very uncomfortable with the shot. Shilpa said it was not as simple as one might have imagined. Finally as she had no option left she slapped Sudhanshu so hard that she ended up scratching his face and leaving nail marks. After the shot she started non-stop apologizing. Even the actor did not mind Shilpa went on apologizing and also send him a bunch of flowers.
We don’t know about the man in the film but this man would definitely be happy as she has pampered him a lot. Miss Bollywood has always tried to stay away from the films that demands violence, though she has played the role of a tough police officer in Dus. After Apne, Shilpa is paired opposite to Sunny Deol once again in “The Man”.
Shilpa babe! we hope your spirit and courage would definitely work for your film.

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