Wednesday, September 03, 2008


“Tahaan” is being called the story of a boy with a grenade but it is not based upon any real incident and completely a fiction. It is the journey of an eight year old child whose life revolves around the quest to find real purpose in his little world. The film highlights how conflicts impact children’s mind and their lives. Directed by Santosh Sivan, the movie is entirely shot in Kashmir and narrates the story of Tahaan and his quest across the mountains to find his donkey friend Birbal. For Tahaan, bringing his favourite donkey back home becomes the one and only purpose in life.
Rahul Bose’s character in the film is of a 35 year old simple fool. It does not take him long to fall in love with a woman. According to Rahul this is the first time when he is playing such a weird and wonderful character in a film. Saarika is playing tahaan’s mother in the film. The actress was seen in “Parzania” based on Gujarat riots of 2002 that added a national award to her credit. The film releases on 5th September.

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