Saturday, October 11, 2008

Creating Charismatic Body Language

Alpha males depict charisma through their body language. They are powerful. Power excites the fairer sex. Alpha Males move in a certain way that exudes authority. The first step to creating the alpha image is to move like the alphas of the world. Commit the following alpha strategies to memory:

  • Move with sweeping, grandiose gestures. Alpha males love to embellish their arguments with up-thrust fists and rigid fingers. Their arms move with exaggerated flourish.

  • Stand straight, as though a rope held your head straight up. Your neck rarely bows in submission. You look straight ahead, with sweeping or darting movements.
  • Move towards your destination with purpose and deliberation. Alpha Males feel important and have definite agendas. They stride towards their objectives with bouncy steps. Act as though you know where you are going and why you are going there. Timid, daydreaming shuffles are left to domineered males.

  • Take as much space as you can. Occasionally hold your arms akimbo. When you gesture, feel free to sweep your arms in impressive, but non-intrusive arcs. When seated at a conference table, clear out as much space around your seat as you can and use your personal belongings to stake out your "air space". Put your glasses, your pen in a massive radius around your area, almost to the point of invading the space of others.

  • Remember how the cowboys of old exuded manly sensuality? They stand straight with their feet slightly spaced wider than shoulder width, with their thumbs tucked in their pockets and their index fingers pointing straight at their groins. This pose arouses unsettling feelings amongst females and it intimidates surrounding males. The Phallic Point is a posture adopted by those confident in their sexuality and social position.

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