Sunday, October 12, 2008

Magnetize Your Eyes to Attract

  • The alpha male gaze emanates subliminal vibrations of dominance. Certain alpha males have mastered this type of gaze and with impressive result: people clear a path around them! To duplicate the alpha male gaze, simply concentrate your focus on the center of each person's eyes. Never allow the gaze to drop less than the bridge of the nose. The effect is to create primal, disconcerting feelings among rival males and to incite sensual excitement among females. Women, in particular feel that your gaze penetrates directly to their soul, as though reading their mind. By repelling males, and attracting females, you quickly gain alpha male reputation.

  • Two telepathic techniques further enhance the alpha male gaze. The first technique creates attraction. To incite this arousal, gaze directly between the other person's eyes, and then, proceed to smile through your eyes at the other person. Yes, smile through the eyes, not through the mouth. If you cannot get the technique, close your eyes, look down and imagine that you are looking at your heart. Now, using your eyes, smile at your heart. You will feel a lightening of your spirit and your eyes will suddenly feel radiance. That is the sensation of smiling through the eyes. When you smile at someone through the eyes, you project psychically appealing thoughts and your eyes radiate bursts of attractive energy. Lovers do that all the time when they gaze at each other lovingly over a flickering flame. Observe how their eyes seem to glow! In the absence of such romantic situations, you simply have to to the smile technique to radiate even more love energy than lovers already do.

  • Eye smiling at women is romantically beneficial. Alternatively, you could use eye snarling with rival ales to scare them off. The key to creating a repulsive force against males is to gaze directly between their eyes, and mentally shout out, "clear a space around me. out of my way!" Project the thought forcefully while imagining a clear field of space around you repelling others. Your mind will automatically broadcast repulsive brainwaves that others will feel on a subliminal level. As you accomplish this, notice how it easily works on friends or enemies. Experiment with a friend to verify the power of this technique. He will indubitably feel your mental force.

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  1. Looking in the eyes of someone is a sign of SUBMISSION. You have to pay attention to the context when evaluating eye contact.