Friday, October 17, 2008

Salman: The Real Hero

After Akshay Kumar proved that ‘Singh is Kinng’, it’s now Salman’s turn to join the race of paying tribute to the Sikh religion. Salman is playing the role of a sardarji in his upcoming flick ‘Heroes’. Salman Khan is an avid smoker but beside this he is a truly religious person and a great learner.
Sikh community would be glad to know that just to pay respect to holy Sikh religion he did not shave for days and grew his moustache and beard.

It was not just enough for him, when he came to learn that Sikh religion forbids smoking, he gave up his smoking habit also.
When people and other co-stars on set came to know about the fact, they started calling Salman, ‘The Real Hero’.

We respect your dedication Salman?

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