Sunday, December 07, 2008

Abhishek Bachchan: The Gay Icon

After the exceptional success of ‘Dostana’ at the box-office worldwide, Abhishek Bachchan has no qualms in declaring that it’s a matter of pride for him that he is regarded as a gay icon by homosexuals.

He says, “I am very happy with that. Why should I be surprised and shocked? I think homosexuals are as human as anyone else. It’s a matter of great pride if I’m their icon,’’.

There were rumors that his father did not like Abhishek in the role. But Abhi clarifies, “why should he take offence? Not at all! The film is about homosexuality; ‘Dostana’ isn’t Brokeback Mountain. It was just a comedy. My whole family has throughout enjoyed it. Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? It’s a normal fun film. Aishwariya is very happy. It’s a big hit…. my second big hit of the year after Sarkar Raj”.

Presently Abhi is shooting in the jungles of Cochin for Mani Ratnam’s next flick “Ravan”. Abhishek has no time to enjoy the success of “Dostana”. He says, “of course we will have a party, when we get back. But at the moment, I am celebrating by doing more quality works”.

Do you think Junior Bachchan qualifies to be an icon for homosexual? Let us know through your comments!

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